2006 Renewal Chart

This years renewal came up after Venus turned retrograde on Xmas Eve, 2005. I didn't have much of a choice in accepting a Venus Retrograde. So I worked with it. Notice the 11th housed Aquarian Moon is conjunct Aquarian Chiron with Venus on the brink of Aquarius and Capricorn. 0 degreed Venus works with the Center of ALL Galaxies (01 degrees Libra). The last Eclipse of October 3rd 2005 being Libra (10 degrees) hit my birth Libran Saturn (this web-site?). My prenatal Eclipse chart had a Libran Saturn in conjunction with the Center of ALL Galaxies (01 degrees).

Then I timed the passing of Mercury with the Galactic Center (26+ degrees Sagittarius) and gave it a Sagittarian Midheaven. Gemini IC (foundation) uses the amplification (connection) Mercury gives as it picks up vibrations from the Center of our Galaxy. I hope the simple truth about Astrology gets transmitted through my web-site to those who search to understand.

The 18+ degreed Midheaven/IC joins this Grand Squared chart to the 1999 Solar Eclipse chart that works with my Leo Ascendant. Uranus works with my Scorpion Sun as it sits upon a 10th degreed Pisces Rising that brings me back to that 10th degreed Libran Solar Eclipse. The 11th degreed Capricorn Sun works well with troublesome Mars.

Upon the 2 main Angles of the chart are 2 important planets to my personality and my work. Uranus holds a more subtle 12th housed position but brings out it's mutual reception with Neptune. It owns the stellium (I will include Chiron) in the 11th house. Pluto (my Scorpion lord) dominates the chart as it will also dominate the next year for all of us.