The Ruler of the Cusp is the Owner of the House.

Which Planet Controls Each Issue of Life?

Rulers of the Personal Side

Rulers of the Public Side

The Moon and Saturn carry alot of weight and own alot of issues due to Libra and Aries being Intercepted. It also leaves Mars with no area to govern. This is an issue in itself. Be careful of low self esteem and dominating parents.

This warning/awarenes/knowledge in itself will help hopefully. This child has the Moon for it's handle and then an excess of Cancer issues. It will be very sensitive and fluctuate like the tides. Discipline and regimentation will be necessary to contain but do not restrict.

Both parents are Spiritual but that Taurian Saturn can be over dominating in it's spiritual influence in the 12th house. Let this child flow as the water does and it will reach it's own level of equilibrium.