Who Was Adolf Hitler?

Let's Discuss His Angles

What are Angles?.... They are the 1st 4 divisions of a chart.
Print out one of Hitlers charts. Now let's dissect him.
1st you divide the circle in 1/2. Start with a horizontal line from left to right (right across and through the circle (whole) we call Hitler). This line should start between his 1st and 12th houses and ends between his 6th and 7th houses. (This line is usually darker or accented in some way in charts). Consider this the Horizon line on the day he was born.

The furthest left point of intersection is called the Ascendant. (Between 1st and 12th houses) It is peoples 1st impression of the person represented by the birth chart. Consider this the point of beginning (We have to start somewhere when separating this person/circle).

The lower (bottom) 1/2 of the circle represents the more personal areas of life.
The upper (top) 1/2 of the circle represents the public areas of life.

Look at his chart....at 1st glance is he meant to be a public, or a personal person? Not all charts are totally one or the other. Let's break down the circle a little bit more.

Now draw another straight line from top to bottom. This breaks the circle into 4 sections of life. What do these 4 sections represent?

One way to look at this is to consider the point intersecting the circle to the furthest left (Ascendant) as the beginning. Sunrise on the day he was born.The sun will rise upward to the top point of intersection. This is Noon (Midheaven) on the day he was born. Now the Sun will start to set so follow the circle to the furthest right point of intersection. The opposite of Sunrise will be Sunset (Descendant). Following the circle down into the night will bring us to the opposite point of Noon. The lowest point of intersection is Midnight (IC or Imum Coeli).

Think of the upper part of the circle as daytime and you will understand why that 1/2 of the circle covers public areas of life. Day is when most people go out into the public world.
Then think of the bottom 1/2 as night time and you will get an inner meaning to the personal areas of life that it covers. We retreat into our home and sleep world at night.

We have now described the circle in terms of TIME on the day Hitler was born. Look at the circle of his birth chart and find his Sun. Since he was born at 6:30pm it might help to start looking near the point of sunset. Can you start to SEE his chart as a slice of TIME.

The Angles are not tangible or matter orientated like the planets. They are invisible points in space. They are still debatable but very important. There are different house systems used by astrologers. I will be using Placidius which divides the circle unevenly. It is the most commonly used system among western astrologers. It is also the default house system on most astrology software.
Placidius is based on the fact that the Earth rotates on it's axis at an Angle. This creates uneven shadows of zodiac connection.
These 4 points (or cusps) of a chart are another quick way of describing a person.

The Ascendant is Peoples 1st impression of Hitler. People 1st saw him as a person.
The Midheaven is how Hitler expressed himself to the public. He projected himself as a person.
The Descendant depicts who he relates to the most. He related to people.
The IC (Imum Coeli) is the foundation of his personality. His foundation was
I may be wrong but I think this describes him in a nutshell.

I call these Angles the "Cross of Life".