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Here are some topics I study and research. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or input you may have on any of these subjects. I thrive on input.

I am an Astrologer, I study the relationship between human beings and the universe. I do not pretend to know the answers. This site is here to share my viewpoint on the subject. I may not know everything but I do know alot about Astrology and want to share my knowledge with others searching to understand.


Different Worksheets used to dissect and synthesize charts. These are handy and will give different methods I have seen used in order to find strengths and weaknesses. Different Astrologers use different methods. All methods are of value. Try a few until you find what works best for you.


Not much is written about the aspects on the Internet so I am working on showing them as select box explanations. There are actually thousands of combinations so I have tried to show them as simple combinations. I have finished the Major Aspects and am working on the Minor Aspects. Try opening 3 or more windows in order to combine all the aspects to a planet. Then try to make a paragraph.

Combinations of sign/planet/house is a sentence. Combinations of planetary aspects become paragraphs.


Here's a Mundane Chart for the day I last re-newed the Domain Name for this web-site. Mundane Astrology is the field of Astrology that does a chart for the exact time of an event. Some Astrologers specialize in this like Doctors pick a field of medicine such as Pediatrics or Cardiology.


These charts are samples of some of my basic interactive interpretations. Their form can be copied if you know HTML. Simply substitute your specific planets into the outline by "copy and pasting" your planets, signs and houses. Most of my HTML is simply written so it can be copied for personal use.

My Book is the most complete.

Baby Josephine was one of the last children born in the last Millenium. December 25th,1999.

Hitlers leads to a timeline of his generations possibilities.


There are 2 current and specific age groups I study. Teenagers born during 1982/83 and children born during 1992/94. This is part of a study on time and generational overlapping. It is also part of a study on outer planetary intensity. These children were born with unique concentrations.


Family Charts are a specialty of mine. I study families and the connectiveness of charts. I consider the planet and the degrees they coincidentally fall in to be more than mere coincidence. I believe it shows a genetic connection between human structure and the universe.


Eclipses and their influence. There is much debate as to the time span of an eclipses influence. I personally study them. Watching and observing each eclipse. Finding family members who are hit by the exact (or close) degree of an eclipse. Then recording what I observe. I suggest the same for you if you are interested in Astrology.

Galactic and Super Galactic Centers

There are 2 Galactic Centers that I have been studying. The Galactic Center of our Galaxy at 26+ degrees Sagittarius and the Center of ALL Galaxies called the Super Galactic Center at 01 degrees Libra. I'm actually adding this study today as Sag Mercury passes the Galactic Center.




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