Let's get down to Basic's
is about the words used to describe the
The magnetic forces that influence human behavior.
Human Beings are extremely complicated Organic vehicles for the Soul.
that there is Order in the Universe.....Rhyme and Reason.....Good Orderly Direction
Astrology is a language created to define the forces around us.
The signs of the zodiac...planets involved...house system used...are the ABC's.
Like any language, these primary digits can be intermingled to expand concepts.
We will start with a DOT (all you are is dust in the wind) a seed, a thought.
YOU are the center of your Universe.
We could consider this the digit 0, there is no beginning, there is no end, there simply IS.
If you look outside of yourself you will find MORE, let's define this space beyond self.
It is the circle of the chart, an area of containment, the WHERE involved.
1 line (horizon) will divide this circle into day and night, 2 halves, in and out.
Another line will re-divide the circle, this will create the 4 Angles, the cross of life.
We are Organic (carbon (4) based) creatures living on the 3rd planet from the Sun.
We have forgotten 3.....let's sub-divide each of the 4 sectors we have created.
We have now divide space into 12 sectors, or areas to play in.
All of a sudden we notice something beyond our space, the other stars.
Our vision clears and we see shapes, groupings of dots, the constellations.
Now  we recognize that there are other influences and we invite them into our space.
They will use the planets (and other space matter) to reach us, these will be the actors.
~~~ In this site I will be EXPLORING the use of the words. ~~~
Special "THANKS" to the Graphic Sites that I Freely got my Graphics from.