~~~ Astrological ANALOGIES ~~~
~~~ The STAGE ~~~
One of my favorite Analogies
when describing Astrology
is that of the Stage.
Life is like the theatre
The Planets are the actors
The Signs, the type of character they play
and the Houses are where the scenes take place.
So let's set up a stage......
Get your Birth chart done by going to

Astrodienst at http://www.astro.com/
(it's free and the most accurate I know)
make sure you press the timezone change.
What is this thing called a chart?
It is your stage, the setting of your life.
Stick around and I will try to explain it.
I will use many Analogies to help you.
This site is for my creative side.
Relax, I will be having fun.
I am an artist (Leo rising)
I fill space,
I like to use colors,
choose some colors that are personal to you
and follow my suggestions.

Let's look at this chart.... Where do we start?
There is a big
+ across the circle
the lines extend outside the circle.
(Let's use a ruler and color these lines
Most eye function starts at the left
so let's start with the line extending outside
the circle on the left side.......The beginning.

This horizontal line is the Horizon
the furthest left side of this line is your
Ascendant ~~~~~~~~~~
Sunrise on the day you were born,
the home of your self-image.
Your Rising sign is the sign rising
at sunrise on the day you were born.
The curtain opens and we see the stage.
The 1st thing we notice are the Actors
The male star is the
let's color him a bold color (yellow)
The female star is the
let's color her a soft color (flesh)
then there are supporting actors (Planets)
the peace maker
the athlete
the messenger
(these could be
the children)
the dreaded one
colored black
grandmother & grandfather
Uranus and Neptune,
color them turquoise
mother and father
Jupiter and Saturn
color them brown
Where are they located on stage?
2 are sitting on the sofa (conjunct)
one is center stage (on an Angle)
3 of them are standing together (stellium)
Next we will notice what they are doing.
the 2 sitting on the sofa are
counseling/relating.....7th house issue
the one center stage is
looking in the mirror.....1st house issue
the 3 standing together are

discussing/conversing......3rd house
What are they wearing?
one of them is wearing the apron of the mother
another is wearing the clothes of a gardener
then there is the group of businessmen
the 2 on the sofa are dressed like monks
And so our stage is set......
the birth chart is only the 1st scene.
There are many layers of charts
there are many scenes to your movie.
The 1st scene sets the theme of the movie.
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