I am an Astrology teacher giving information rather than predictions. It is constantly my purpose to teach the simple language of Astrology. I teach others to understand their lives through Astrology. I can help one person understand another. I can help make a decision based on the planets and their triggers. I do not predict. I am not a psychic.

The Core Of Your Personality

What is a SYNTHESIS?

It is not a breakdown like the software interpretations being mass produced. It is an Astrologers overall opinion of the sum total of a person as seen NOW. It is different each time because it is what stands out the most at the time of the reading. It connects your pieces in a more personal order of importance.

It explains "your" specific planetary connection between "your" planets. It highlights and explains "your" planets in a more personal order rather than softwares listings by planetary distance from the Sun.

Every chart is different.
Every moment is different.
Every view is different.

You may not understand my SYNTHESIS. Save it and look back upon it when the NOW is past. Just as it has taken me TIME to learn how to SYNTHESIZE it will take you TIME to understand.

If you want a SYNTHESIS e-mail me at elizatalas@yahoo.com or telephone me at 928-565-2097 with your name and birth data (exact time /date /place of your birth) asking for a SYNTHESIS in the subject box. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Most people can not afford my Astrological ability so what I have chosen to do is to touch people with my ability for a small fee of $20.

I did this service free for over a year. I rarely ever received an answer back or even a "Thank-You" back. I no longer do it unless I 1st get e-mail "exchange".

True Interactive Select Boxes

Then there's my select box method. This method was created in order to show why software interpretations say what they say. Once you learn the meaning behind the symbols you realize the countless possibilities available. I do not limit you in my interpretations. Your "Free Will" can choose how to use the vibrations you have to work with.

If you would like to learn to copy my select box method feel free to do so.

If you would like me to do it for you it will cost about $100. I create you your own personal web-site like my samples.

I personally want verified e-mail contact with a person before accepting any money. So 1st e-mail me with your wishes and concerns. Then I will e-mail back my page with my payment methods. If we can 1st create e-mail contact (exchange) I will then proceed. I could use a form but this is very impersonal. The whole thing about my work is personal contact, personal interpretation.

There are many scam artists on the internet. Many Astrologers have given a bad name to Astrology because they are scam artists. Astrology is my belief system. I do not take any chances of giving it a bad reputation.

Web Sites with Free Interpretations

For a more "detailed" description of how to "find" these "free" reports click HERE.

Astrodienst   Matrix   Cosmic Patterns

Astrolabe   Astrology.ca   AstroAdvice

1Horoscope   AstroStore   Abacus

These are interesting reports that explain some about the "pieces" of your puzzle. They are software explanations. They do not blend or counterblend. It is like the explanation for the elements used in a complex chemical. One element/aspect can neutralize another. It may take a Transit (planet in the sky at any given time other than birth) or Progression (to add to one of these "pieces") in order to activate the "piece".

Read them with an open mind. Print them, then make a notebook and start a book about yourself. Look at them frequently and you may notice a pattern of repeating behavior. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Try printing my worksheets. Some are interactive using my select box method. Some are basic so you can print them out and then fill them in. These outlines are used by Astrolgers in their consultations.

Software explanations are great but it takes an Astrologer's EYE to SEE the whole picture. A chart is like a crystal ball to me. If you can, "talk" to an Astrologer. You can have a great conversation with an Astrologer once you know a little about yourself astrologically. Not all people who call themselves Astrologers actually are. So keep an open mind, do not judge the word Astrology by someone who calls themselves an Astrologer.




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