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Here are the directions......

Do you know basic HTML?
HTML explained
HTML cheatsheet

You do not have to know HTML,
but it sure would help to know it.
It would also help to know how to copy and paste.
Get yourself a free web-site.
(I suggest Tripod).

Netscape directions (Internet Explorer is similar).....

You need to place a 3.4 floppy in your A drive
(or it's equivalent).
Open notepad by clicking the START button
(in the bottom (most) left corner of the screen).
Go to Programs
Go to Accessories
Go to Notepad
Open Notepad
(hold notepad at the bottom toolbar by clicking the - in it's
(notepads) top (most)right hand corner or by
simply clicking outside it's window.

Go to top of this screen (top of toolbar) click View
Towards the bottom of the window that opens click view source.
It may say page source.
That will reveal the HTML for this page.
You can also right click your mouse to find page source,
view source, or frame source.

Highlight the whole page
(by continually holding down the left mouse button
as you scroll all the way down the page).
Use ctrl and c keys on your keyboard to copy the pages HTML.

(Internet Explorer will open up an automatic notepad
that can be easily copied and changed).

Re-Open Notepad at bottom of screen by clicking it on.
Right click your mouse.
Click paste.

Open File at top left corner of the Notepad window.
Click Save As.
Now you need to find the A Drive (or it's equivalent).
It will be at the top somewhere by Programs and C Drive.
Click it open.

I suggest using whatever appears in the space for File Name
Make sure you ADD .html to the File Name and press OK.

Using this method you can copy the basic pages you are interested in.
My Book, Hitler and Josephine are set up to be copied this way.
You then can change the specific Select boxes to fit your birth chart.

You can find select boxes for each of the planet/sign/houses

Now go to your own free web-site.
(I suggest Tripod or Yahoo).
Upload your discs copy of My Book.
(You did save each page copied to your notepad on your floppy disc?)
You can edit your HTML to personalize it.
To edit use MY HTML SECTION.

Make sure that your links connect.
Many Free web-sites need the complete address of your web-site added
to the links my pages will show. My pages are in directories. They link to the index.html of their separate directory. Make sure you have an index.html page. Every web-site needs one.

I never said this was easy. I am making my work available free
for anyone determined enough to learn how to copy it for their own chart.

e-mail me at elizatalas@yahoo.com

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P.S. For anyone thinking of stealing my work for personal gain click here.