You Ask The Cost

I am basically free information unless someone wants me to work up a "personal web-site" using select boxes as I show in Samples. This takes time on my part and varies with the amount of information a person wants.

If it is a brief web-site consisting only of the birth chart I charge as little as $100. The contents of "your" book is laid out in a similar fashion to the "Contents of "My Book". Or you might like something from Hitlers version. Or maybe Josephines.

I then recommend a Progressed work up which brings you to the chapter you are presently living in. This too averages "another" $100.

I say "averages" because I am always willing to change my format to accommodate added information or personal needs and/or changes.

You always carry your birth chart ("potential"). It is like your genetic makeup. It limits you yet also shows an abundance of potential you can tap into. You "add" layers of Progressed charts to this potential. I call these the chapters of your life.

If you have a problem dealing with the past or another person additional chapters may be necessary. "Chapters" run an average of $100.


If you are interested I can create your FREE Tri Chart (Birth/Progressed/Transits all in one chart) on the web. I can not ask for money for this since it is actually the property of the charts producer. If this is what you want e-mail me your BIRTH DATA .....

your name (whatever name you want shown),
birth date (written month/date/year),
time (as exact as possible, include AM or PM) and
place of birth (town/state?/country).

I will then e-mail you back the web address you can find this tri chart. Include the e-mail address you want me to send it to since reply is not always correct.
This is a FREE service.


If you need more of an explanation about your chart I add my personal interpretation to the charts page after receiving $20. from you via mail to.....

Eliza Talas,
3793 Horse Mesa Rd.,
Golden Valley,
Az., 86413.

This is only if you want my personal opinion. You are not obligated to pay me in any way for a FREE tri-chart on the web. My interpretation is not a software type breakdown of planets/signs/houses, it is a synthesis in which I add up the energy involved and explain some of the "Forces" at work now.

I am a teacher and always glad to answer questions and lead others to an understanding of themselves and Astrology. I prefer to lead you to the answers than to tell you what I think. Astrology is not a predictive tool. It is a "study" of the answer.


The tri-chart I do for free can be done in one week (I have become quite busy and can take more than a week to get to someone). The explanations I add for $20 depends on the mail and can take up to 2 weeks. As soon as I get the money, (I ask for bank or post office money orders so I can cash them quickly), I can add the explanation. The same added time needs to be added to the $100 web-sites. The "web-sites" I create take about a week each chapter. They take a total of 3 weeks depending on the mail. If a personal check is used then I have to wait until it clears with the bank, this is fine with me. I am not a money person so please try to understand my lack of business convenience.

My delivery is on the web in the form of a web-page or web-site. It will stay on the web in one of my many web-sites for one year. I can also include instructions on how to copy my work and move it to your own web-site if you are interested. This is what I recommend. If you like I can always delete my copy for privacy purposes. For privacy purposes I do not make your complete web-address public, I e-mail it to you and you can share it with others if you want.


Software describes the pieces of your puzzle. It takes an Astrologer to SEE the whole picture. In my explanations I describe the outstanding objects in the picture. I combine the pieces of the puzzle and describe it's most outstanding features. Kind of like describing the picture to a blind person. Once I have done this I can always answer some more questions (within reason) via e-mail.




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