Making Sense of the Astrology Phrase Saturn in Libra

~~~ SATURN ~~~

(Using the Select Boxes interchange the words)

    Planet in Sign             Does What?

A better way to word this is...... sign/planet/house.....
(The sign can describe the planet like an adjective).

Choose a word from the House your Saturn is in (one you identify with at the moment).

Go up and down the sign and planet list picking different combinations they can mean.

Using this format you can make a "list of phrases" describing any "specific" house Libran Saturn may reside in by opening up only that houses select box. You can then print this page.

If you dislike a word....look at why?
Then try switching the word ("Free Will").
This game will help you understand the planets......
Come again some other day and watch their meanings grow.

You can also use these descriptions for Transits.