The Heliocentric Viewpoint of Astrology

Earth's viewpoint versus the Sun's

This is a subject I have alot of trouble getting a grasp of. I know it would be relevent to understand this viewpoint in my studies. But I think of it more as Astral Projection, standing outside the form that connects me to the Earth I live on and see from.

Maybe that's what this Solar based viewpoint is about. A more spiritual ethereal view of our spirit side. For all I know my spirit can leave my body in my sleep and drift about the Universe playing on other planes of existance we call dreams.

For all I know my human form may be nothing more than a thought. A reflection of the Sun's spirit off the watery surface of the Earth like the Sun's reflection off the Moon. A conscious thought versus an unconscious reaction called life. We haven't really come to understand the soul that dwells within us. So I shall explore Heliocentric Astrology as a spiritual study.

I have learned more from reading Michael Erlewines work than any other source. So I highly recommend it. He's rather deep so I'll leave a few other links for lighter reading.

What I percieved from reading his work is to "Keep it Simple". If aspects run through the center of the chart they run through the Sun. The closer an opposition the stronger these 2 planets influence. These are aspects of greater strength in character. Other aspects show less intensity. So maybe the theory used in Fixed Stars using only conjunctions and oppositions should follow through with our own Sun.

~ Heliocentric ~

Michael Erlewine's work

I will also be studying the Sidereal viewpoint here.

~ Sidereal ~

Cyril Fagan's Sidereal Ayanamsa Coordinates
very interesting..........

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