Major Teachers Connected

What Influence Do They Have?

What Part Do They Play Generationally?

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered generational planets. They move so slowly through a zodiac sign (territory of space). They play a certain role for many years influencing groups of people in a certain way.

They are also known as Major Teachers since our generation influences us in a different way than our parents generation. Then there is the generation of our grandparents. Each generation SEES life in a different way. Each generation overlaps. This overlap has alot to do with outer planetary influence and concentration.

The Sign they are in is constant for everyone born within a few years of a specific birth chart. The time of day a person was born in and the specific date will make each planet personal because they wind up in different houses. Outer planets also interact differently with the personal planets of a chart because the personal planets change/move quickly through the signs.

This creates varied concentrations throughout a generation. Some people are more connected to a generation than others. Some people are more important to a generational lesson. Some people can not help but to be drawn into the history of a generation. Many seeds are planted but few of them flower.

Let's Look at Generalities

What specific "parts" of human behavior do these generational planets cover?

All generations deal with these parts of human behavior. But how are the 1982-1983 generation and the 1992-1994 generation specifically influenced by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto? What are their parents influenced by?

What different areas of space “also” influence these generational teachers? Zodiac signs represent different types of ENERGY just like continents and countries represent different ethnical groups. Constellations influence planets like an audience throwing out the answers in a quiz show.

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