What Roles Will Uranus And Neptune Play?

What Influence Do They Have?

What Part Do They Play Generationally?

The chart above is an extreme case.

I don't know which was more intense. Was it Uranus and Neptune joining forces in Capricorn? Or was it Pluto in it's own territory of Scorpio?

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We will note that “both” Neptune and Uranus were traveling through the area of space that influences leadership/structure/frustration. Major lessons were meant to be learned in disciplining human behavior. How many sentences can you make combining these parts of human behavior?

Let's fine tune in on this combination of Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn? 1st note that the close alignment of their ENERGY/vibrations occured in the middle degrees of Capricorn. The conjunction fluctuated between 10 and 25 degrees Capricorn from 1992 through 1994. Further fine tuning would include looking at the fixed stars beyond our solar system and sabian symbols.

Pluto is in Scorpio

These children are also born with Pluto in it's own territory of Scorpio. Pluto fluctuates through the later degrees of Scorpio, from 19 through 29 degrees. How deep will these children be? Did I forget to mention that when a planet is in it's own territory it carries more weight. It's kind of like a Frenchman in his own country of France. Fortunately the planet Pluto moves through Scorpio territory faster than any other Zodiac territory.

Where are the Major Teachers in the year 2000?
What major concentration is influencing these children NOW?
This is the generational influence NOW.

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They will also be influenced by Uranus's passing/transit through Pisces from 2004 until 2011.

will pass through

In 2013 Pluto will begin to transit/trigger the birth conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. These children will be in their later teens and early 20's. Uranus will be in the early degrees of Aries (a new begining or warriors for change) and Neptune will just be venturing into it's own Pisces territory (dreams and illusions escaping or sanctuary for spirituality). Neptune will be the dominating teacher. Will these children be the pioneers in a spiritual transformation?

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