Abstract Thought

The Center of our Galaxy and the Center of ALL Galaxies

"As Above so Below"

Astrologically 01 degrees Libra is the direction of the Center of ALL Galaxies. If the Big Bang was the beginning it probably came from this direction. We have now advanced scientifically to prove the importance of this direction in space. 0 degrees Aries is the opposite direction of The Center of ALL Galaxies. It is the beginning point in Astrology. In Astrology we read a chart for when the Sun (our center) passes 0 degrees Aries. This chart is called the Spring Equinox, the Astronomic Sun coincides with the Astrologic Sun. It is considered a beginning chart for our year. Spring has sprung and life on Earth renews itself.

What if Astrologers from long ago intuitively knew something we only now can prove? Why did they divide the sky into 30 degree segments known as the Zodiac? We now know that 26/27 degrees Sagittarius is the direction of the Center of our Galaxy. The Center of our Galaxy is slowly working it's way back to the direction of space known as 0 degrees Capricorn. Always remember that our Galaxy revolves around the Center of ALL Galaxies. It too has a cycle, a cycle with the Center of ALL Galaxies, Supreme Balance. The Astrologic division of the sky into the Zodiac is based upon an interception of 2 planes of space. The main cross of life is based upon the interception of 2 planes of space. 0 degrees Libra (balance/mother) and 0 degrees Capricorn (father/son).

Since Pluto reached 25/26 degrees Sagittarius last year (Dec. 2005) much has been written about the Center of our Galaxy. Much information has been revealed about the Center of our Galaxies scientific properties and astrologic influence. Transformations in our knowledge of the universe we live in. Transformation in higher intelligence and belief systems. The Sun and Moon approach a yearly fall interception of planes. This Solar Eclipse is like the Full Moon in the years cycle. The springs Solar Eclipse being like the New Moon Eclipse in the cycle. Or is it vice versa. We call the Aries point chart the beginning, spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but what about the Southern Hemisphere. We rarely think about how this is actually their fall. It is not their beginning chart , it is their fall. Their spring chart is Libra based. I suggest doing a beginning chart for 0 degrees Libra and considering it just as important.

Here's where I should go into a discussion on attraction and repulsion but I'll let it slide for now.

This Fall we have a Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Virgo. This interception of the Sun and Moons planes will be a chart for a new beginning in finding balance. It is within 2 degrees of the Center of ALL Galaxies, just before Supreme Balance. It sets the theme for the next 6 months. I hope it's a new beginning of truthful information. Coincidentally Pluto in Sagittarius will finally pass the 26th/27th degree of Sagittarius soon after, within the 6 month influence of this Solar Eclipse. I don't believe in coincidences. I marvel at the syncronicity of the Universe.

I don't believe that it is a coincidence that the Lunar Eclipse is at 15 degrees Pisces. 15 degrees being considered by many astrologers to be the purest degree of a sign. The purest degree of intangible spirit. The 15th degree is another topic I'll save for later.

Many that read this will disagree with me. They will say I'm off the wall. But it is off the wall thought that takes us outside the box. It is off the wall thought that breaks down the box so we can see the truth outside it.

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