Genetic Studies

Do our human gene combinations relate to the planets?

When I describe the influence of the planets to clients I use the analogy of our genetic structure. People seem to understand how we are genetically alike by a specific human combination of genes. They understand that we share and mix these genes in thousands of combinations to create our own individual uniqueness.

What if each one of these genes are a combination of matter that can relate to the planets? What if we are in tune to specific vibrations because of our genetic makeup? All matter comes down to the primary elements.

In college I watched and drew, (with dots and a pencil), under a microscope, the chromosome division of the inner skin of an onion. This inner skin has one of the fewest chromosomes among plants so it is easier to see under a microscope. It was awesome to say the least. It also triggered my imagination.

Sometimes I think of the asteroid belts as some sort of similar chromosome separation based upon the gravity of the Sun versus other Universal forces.

In this section I will be sharing some charts of families. This record of family connections will be ongoing. I've done alot of charts for families but never got written permission to post them. From now on I will get written permisssion 1st. So I will start with my family since I have been studying my own family for years. Students are suggested to work on a similar study. Remember to get written permission from all family members used if you want to post them on the internet. It's common courtesy and then there are those who might sue you over something for posting their data, even if their name is not used. e-mail me with results from your own study.

Out of 360 degrees it is beyond coincidence how many times certain degrees are connected. Take note of common degrees, houses, times and not just signs repeated among members but prominant planets that can also show themselves through common houses or signs to each member. Common Eclipse degrees in familiy combinations can signify events.

I'd like to start by introducing my children in relation to my chart

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