My Life is Like an Open Book

I shall describe my chart step by step like the production of a play.
I'm mysterious and deep but need to be the center of attention.
I have Leo Rising and my Scorpio Sun is conjunct my IC.
I am very scientific (Scorpio) and very creative (Leo).

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I Would Like to Introduce the Cast of My Show.

They are the Planets and Luminaries.

Simply click open a select box and you will SEE their basic character.

The Signs are the Types of Character

Think of the planets as the actors. Then think of the Signs as the types of character an actor(planet) can play in your movie called life. Signs are descriptive. Planets are form.

Each House Represents an Area of Life.

The Cusps Set the Stage.

One way to look at it is that each house in a chart symbolizes a type of room in the house. The Birth chart is a picture of the whole house. Within it are rooms for specific functions of life. Of course we need to describe a mansion of olden times to fit all the rooms.

The 1st house is the entrance.
The 2nd house is the basement.
The 3rd house is the playroom.
The 4th house is the kitchen.
The 5th house is the living room.
The 6th house is the bathroom.
The 7th house is the master bedroom.
The 8th house is the attic.
The 9th house is the library.
The 10th house is the office.
The 11th house is the grand ballroom.
The 12th house is the chapel.

These houses deal with my specific types of character developement.

Planetary Placement Shows Character Concentration

The Splash person will use many types of character
The Bucket person will be varied with one type of character standing out.
The Bowl person will use only a few types of character.
The Locomotive person will have opposing characters.
The Splay person will have dissasociated characters.

When Setting the Stage Who Stands Out?

Conjunctions are the Joining of Forces.

When there are conjunctions 2 or more Planets are so close that their actions are connected. One Planet can not react without the other. The words used to describe their ENERGY/vibrations must be joined together. The Energy of these combinations can be difficult to understand but also very important.

I describe it as if the 2 Planets are sitting in the same chair. If the orb or degree of separation is "exact" it is like they are siamese twins and difficult to react or move. If the orb is 2-5 degrees it is "tight" as if they are in the same chair. If it is 5-10 degrees they are "wide" there is more room to work it out. This is more like they are sitting on a sofa.

Three or more is called a stellium and increases the tendencies of the Sign. Stelliums may share the same sign but live in different houses/rooms. This is like being triplets but the girls get their own room separate from the boy. Houses (rooms) are also masculine and feminine.

The Angles Become the Form of Direction.

The circle of life (instance of being) takes on the square of direction, giving form to the individual. When we describe the circle of being we must add the square of becoming. You can also call this the Cross of Life.

This is an artistic project. I am using words to describe the forming of a human being by the FORCES of the UNIVERSE. So bear with me if I get a little artistic in my descriptions. As you will SEE I can't help being artistic. I have Leo Rising.

Exactly Who are the Stars?

The stars of the show could be the Sun or the Moon as expected. Yes they are important actors to the show. But many times the stars are actually strategically placed Planets that have a tendency to take over the show. Many times these stars are found within 10 degrees of an Angle.

Another way a planet can become more prominant in the show is by being born into it's own House or Sign. I have a few of these heavy planets competing for attention.

The Nodes Describe Destiny

The South Node describes where your Soul comes from.
The North Node describes where your Soul is headed.

They are invisible points in space. So is your Soul. If you Believe in Destiny then you may also Believe in your Soul. I describe it as if you are Something on a journey through space. You enter the Earth from the direction of your South Node. Consider it a territory of Space. You become distracted by Worldly Being and spend your life torn between past and future.

The Nodes are the Plot of the show.

Where am I going? Why am I here?

You come into this world with the memory and abilities of the South Node. Your Journey draws you to the direction and abilities of the North Node.

Who Rules the Sign on the Cusp?

The Whole of a person is divided into 12 houses (rooms) or areas of life. All 12 houses/areas have a zodiac sign that influences or colors that area of life. The Planet that rules the zodiac sign on a cusp is very important to the issues that the house deals with.

If Placidius houses are used the divisions are uneven due to the Angle of the Earth's Axis and the rotation around the Sun. One zodiac sign can influence 2 houses or areas of life. This can leave a sign intercepted within a house. If you find one sign intercepted you will find it's opposing sign intercepted on the other side of the chart. You then usually find 2 houses governed by one sign. Likewise on the opposing houses.

If you have no planets in a house then look to the owner for information. The house and sign of the owner gives insite into the issues of the house. If a planet resides in a house consider it the tenant and it will pay dues (be connected) to the owner in some way.

The Major Aspects

The closer an aspect is the tighter it is, the stronger it is. I pay close attention to the tight aspects. They are any connections that are exact or within 3 degrees of exact. These connections can be felt clearer than the other ones. All orbs up to 10 degree are important.

I will keep my definitions of aspects simple in order not to confuse ENERGY/vibration recognition. It is more important to recognize their intensity than their definition. The definition should concentrate on the Planet/Sign/House.

Minor Aspects Add Up

I have many Minor aspects which I consider important. They do add up in different ways. Keep in mind that 2 plus 2 plus 2 equals 6.

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