" Cycles "

Where do they start? When do they start?

This is always a question I personally debate. There's a new cycle started with every conjunction. Each planet to each planet (or luminary) starts a new cycle of compatability whenever they pass each other and join vibrations. This can get pretty confusing. I'll be showing lots of charts. Charts are like photos of a crime scene. The detective dwells upon them as clues emerge.

The simplest way to start examining this would be to start with the Sun. Each year the Sun passes each planet and starts a yearly cycle. But, they rarely Eclipse (pass in totality). So I want to start each planets cycle with it's actual closest conjunction to the Sun by declination.

But for simplicities sake I will start with the Sun's passing of the Galactic Center. A yearly event that happens around the Winter Solstice and just before Christmas. The Center of our Galaxy around 26/27 degrees Sagittarius is the point in space that our own Sun circles.

This will be a continual process for me this year. It's rather complicated but as I go along I will simplify it as much as possible. I will be including other charts if they are involved by a few days. 2 or 3 other contributing events add to the meaning of any cycle. Like chemicals in an equation. The charts will be for my location because I use these charts in my interpretations. I suggest anyone interested in understanding cycles uses my work as an example but goes to Astro.com and does their own charts for their personal location.

I will leave a link to my latest work above the list of planets. The link to each planet will contain any work I've done on that planet.

2005 and 2006

As I said I will start with the Sun. 1st it passes Pluto and 3 days later it passes the Galactic Center.

Venus Conjunctions

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