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Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 to Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

On Thursday Mercury enters Capricorn and our Stellium is now 5 entities. Capricorn Mercury (0+ degrees), doubly strong Capricorn Saturn (2 degrees), Capricorn Pluto (19 degrees), Capricorn Sun (21 degrees) and Capricorn Venus (22 degrees). They sextile and co-operate with Scorpio Mars (20 degrees) conjunct Scorpio Jupiter (18 degrees). This makes 7 entities in interacting aspect connection.

By Friday Aries Uranus (24 degrees) squares the leader of the gang, Capricorn Venus (23 degrees) conjunct Capricorn Sun (22 degrees). This combination is a strong part of the Capricorn Mercury conjunct doubly strong Capricorn Saturn (2 degrees) cycle. We get Form of Action when Scorpio Mars (22 degrees) joins in with Aries Uranus (24 degrees). Along comes the triggering Moon in Capricorn.

We end the week with the Capricorn New Moon (26/27 degrees). The triggering Capricorn New Moon is conjunct the Capricorn Sun semi-sextile the Sagittarius Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees). The Capricorn New Moon makes 7 interacting aspect connections. Very strong Capricorn/ Scorpio vibes.

We are one month away from the next Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees on February 15th. In 2 weeks we will have the 3rd of 3 Super Moons. It will be the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees on January 31st. Finally the Moon pulls away from it perigee. These are the flip sides to last Augusts traumatic Lunar and Solar Eclipses.

My report on the 2018 Eclipse's

My viewpoint on 3 Super Moons 2017 / 2018

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

I'm taking a break from my interactive section. I bought a new Chromebook and it's very different from Windows 10. I always hated Windows 10. My old computer is dying and I have to update. My kids say I have to keep up with the times. But they've grown up and not here to help me. The computer world (ruled by Uranus) keeps changing and I'm getting old (dementia).

In essence I need a mental break before I have a mental breakdown. What better time to take it than mental Sagittarius. Bare with me while I get a Higher Education.

Enjoy the charts and my verbal explanations... I'm just not doing the select box interpretations for a while. Not until I can transfer them to my new Chromebox.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

Upcoming 2018 Eclipse's

Lunar Jan 31 2018 1:27 pm 11 degrees Leo 37 sec
Solar Feb 15 2018 9:05 pm 27 degrees Aquarius 08 sec
Solar Jul 13 2018 2:48 am 20 degrees Cancer 41sec
Lunar Jul 27 2018 8:20 pm 04 degrees Aquarius 45 sec
Solar Aug 11 2018 9:58 am 18 degrees Leo 42 sec

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