SUGGESTIONS for Reading Charts

Every Astrologer reads a chart differently. It's like looking at a tree.
There can be 5 people looking at a tree.
They are standing in different positions around the tree.
They are all describing the same tree.

It helps to get as many interpretations of your chart as you can.
They may appear to be different, they are just different viewpoints.
When I discuss a persons chart with them I keep it simple.

1st most important thing is your Sun/self.
2nd your Ascendant /other peoples 1st impression.
3rd your Moon /intuitive, subconscious self.
Then I look for any planets on an Angle (within 10 degrees).

I use 3 charts at once.
Your Birth chart ( the core of your personality).
Your Progressed chart (who you are now).
Then the Transits (planets in the sky now).

All concentric to your Birth chart. This shows me your NOW.
When I do this I can SEE what " triggers" are in effect.

Try doing what I suggest......
Color parts of your charts creating a visual chart for yourself.
We will be adding ENERGY (colors differentiate this).
Choose colors you can relate to for each planet.

I use.....Yellow for the Sun/Leo/5th house.
Flesh (soft peach) for Moon/Cancer/4th house.
Red for Mercury/Gemini/3rd house.....Mercury/Virgo/6th house and
Red for Mars/Aries/1st house.
(Mars and Mercury are high ENERGY planets and red works for me).
Purple for Venus/Taurus/2nd house.....Venus/Libra/7th house.
(these are considered the more personal Planets).
I color them in the Birth and Progressed charts)

The next group of planets I color in the Transit chart.
They are slower moving and considered the major teachers.
Brown for Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house and...
Brown for Saturn/Capricorn/10th house.
these are paired because they are associated with parents.
Turquoise for Uranus/Aquarius/11th house and....
Turquoise for Neptune/Pisces/12th house.
These I pair because they are like the grandparents (wise ones).
Black for Pluto/Scorpio/8th house (unknown).

Color all symbols that you have activated in your Chart.
(sometimes I use thumbtacks for Transitting planets since they move).
Accent your 4 angles (with dark blue) past your circle.

If you only have your birthchart
add the Progressed personal planets.
(you can get both thru Astrodienst).

Now LOOK at yourself. Get in touch with your players.
What stands out as an all too obvious coincidence?


Gratefully...ELIZA (Maddocks) Talas...(10/30/51)