Patterns of Planetary Distribution

Basic Natures - based on the whole at a glance

BOWL   all planets in only 1/2 of chart

any direction;  6 houses or 6 signs;

(can have empty houses between).
Must give of themself.
Feels excluded from something, the empty half.
This becomes a challenge to understand.
Lead by clockwise side.

BUCKET   all but 1 planet are in 1/2 of chart

This 1 planet is the handle.

Can be less or little more than 1/2, with empty houses.
Handle is the release for major life accomplishments.
Instructing, inspiring or agitating an activity contained in the bucket.
Prepared or impulsive.

BUNDLE   planets all in 4 consecutive houses

1/3rd of chart. Space of a trine.

Can have 1 empty house between.
Bound by inhibitions due to intense concentration of interests.
Caught up in self-gathering due to narrow boundaries of opportunity.

LOCOMOTIVE   planets in 2/3rds of chart

at least 3 consecutive houses are empty.

Can have other single empty houses in the chart.
Planet leading clockwise is engine; directing the concentration of energy.
Either needs or lacks a problem to solve.
Driven to accomplish.

SEESAW   any 2 groups of planets opposed to each other

also obvious are 2 empty sections opposite in chart.

Swaying attitudes.
Constantly pulled between different viewpoints.
Needs to find balance or wastes energy fighting nothing or everything.

SPLASH   planets evenly distributed throughout houses

scattered but well divided.

Can have double empty houses.
Interested in many things.
Can share and spread ideas or not get a grasp on anything.
Comfortable or lost in chaos.

SPLAY  difficult to place,  irregular but not identifiable

not really squared, trined, or sextiled.

Constant resistance to conventional attitudes.
Looking to find ones own space in time.
Emphasis is on own purpose in life.

Gratefully...ELIZA (Maddocks) Talas...(10/30/51)