What Areas Do Houses Deal With?

Where do planets expend their energy creating events?
Planetary energy expresses itself thru the Signs ability.
They then Work thru the Houses area of expertise.

1st. - Deals w/ Self

(self-orientated concerns) the Person themself

Who they are, first impressions of the personality, major pre-occupations, projected appearances, mannerisms, unconscious attitudes, body type, physical appearance, temperament, health, vitality,

2nd. - Deals w/ Resources,

Values, Comfort

finances, money, income, possessions, property, physical things, physical appearance, appreciation of beauty, relationship w/ body, talents and values, the five senses, sense of self-worth,

3rd. - Deals w/Connections,

Communications, Transportation

environment, siblings, schoolfriends, neighbors, school life, ability to learn, mentallity, mobility, short journeys, daily routine, surroundings, early learning environment, motor skills and language, education,

4th. - Deals w/ Roots,

Homelife, Security
parents (mother, sometimes father), infancy, childhood, domestic life, home, land, housing, inner life, inner needs, ethnic identity, emotional foundations, end of life, death, nurturing,

5th. - Deals w/ Play,

Creativity, Entertainment

children, recreation, fun, games, sports, vacations, holidays, love affairs, romance, pleasures, risks, theatrics, art, gifts, parties, gambling, speculation, self-expression,

6th. - Deals w/ Daily,

Health, Details

work, service, how one helps others, efficiency, exercise, diet colleagues, workmates, worklife, workplace, short illnesses, involuntary labor, tools, operating expenses, maintanance, pets, overhead, utilities, landlords, employees, servants,

7th. - Deals w/ Partnerships,

Marriage, Counseling

relating, relationships (one-to-one), lovers, committed relationships, rivalry, business partners, domestic partners, helping others, legalities, open enemies, divorce, quarrels, lawsuits, contracts, getting out of self, diplomacy, balance,

8th. - Deals w/ Mysteries,

Sexuality, Transitions

psychic developement, occult, after-life, inheritance, insurance, secrets, deeper meaning of sex, birth, death, rebirth, healing, reincarnation, taxes, unearned money, recycling, denial, letting go,

9th. - Deals w/ Exploration,

Philosophy, Speculation

studying, expanding ideas, belief systems, religion, furthering education, contact w/ distance, travel, foriegn cultures, gambling, graduate school, professions (doctor, lawyer, scientist, etc.), increase, growth,

10th.- Deals w/ Status,

Public, Career

achievement (esp. on a public level), success and failure, world outside of home, community, reputation, attainment, ambition, the father (sometimes the mother), fame, honors, social position, profession, what one is remembered for, authority figures, constructive,

llth.- Deals w/ Associates,

Objectives, Ideals

friends, comrades, communal experience, shared pleasures, causes, futuristic visions, dreams, interests, hobbies, professional contacts,hopes, wishes, plans, future, political parties, groups,

12th.- Deals w/ Retreat,

Sacrifice, Unconscious

unselfish service, reflection, withdrawal, retirement, resolutions and endings, chronic illnesses, addiction (drugs and alcohol, etc.) meditation, mysticism, spirituality, healing, solitude, sanctuary, punishment, imprisonment, hospitalization, convalescence, debts, old karma, charity, loss, limitation, mourning, research,

  1. Take the Planets energy for the NOUN,
  2. add the Signs function for the ADVERB then
  3. explain how they work thru the House.
the SUN's (power and vitality) assertively (ARIES) seeks reflection (12th)


Gratefully...ELIZA (Maddocks) Talas...(10/30/51)