Famous Astrologers

(worth checking out)

Adams, Evangeline (Feb. 8, 1868)

Jersey City, New Jersey

Addey, John (June 15, 1920)

8:15 AM?,Barnsley,Yorkshire,Eng.

Arroyo, Stephen (Oct. 6, 1946)

Kansas City, Missouri

Brache, Tycho (April 13, 1546)

Kundstorp, Denmark

Brown, W. Kenneth

Campanus, Johannes (1297?)

(alias-Campanella, Giovanni)

Carter, Charles (Jan. 31, 1887)

10:55PM, Poole, Dorset, Eng.

Clark, Vernon (Aug. 29, 1911)

1:24PM, Deer Creek, Maryland?

Cunningham, Donna

Onawa, Iowa

Dobyns, Zipporah (Aug. 26, 1921)

Chicago, Illinois

Ebertin, Reinhold (Feb. 16, 1901)

Gorlitz, Saxony

Erlewine, Michael

and Margaret

Fagan, Cyril (May 22, 1896)

12:14PM, Dunsink,Dublin, Ir

Forrest, Steven (Jan. 6, 1949)

Mt. Vernon, New York

Galilei, Galileo (Feb. 15, 1564)

Pisa, Italy

Gauquelin,Michael (Nov. 13, 1928)

10:20PM, Paris, France

and Francoise (1929)

Hand, Robert (Dec. 5, 1942)

Plainfield, New Jersey

Heindel, Max (Jul. 23, 1865)

Jawer, Jeff (May 16, 194?)

New York City, New York

Jayne, Charles (Oct. 9, 1911)

10:39PM, Jenkintown, Pa.

Johndro,L.Edward (Jan. 30,1882)

12:53Am,Midland, Ontario?

Jones,Marc Edmund(Oct. 1,1888)

8:37AM, St Louis, Mo.

Jung, Carl Gustav (Jul 26,1875)


Kepler, Johann (Jan. 6,1571)

Weil, Wurttemberg, Ger.

Koch,Walter A.(Sep. 18,1895)

Esslingen, Germany

Leo, Alan (Aug. 7, 1860)

5:49AM, London, Eng.

Lewi, Grant II (Jun. 8, 1902)

Albany, New York

Lilly, William (May 1, 1602)

Leicestershire, England

Llewellyn, George (Aug. 8, 1876)

Swansea, Wales

March, Marion D (Feb. 10, 1923)

Nurnberg, Germany

McEvers, Joan

Michelsen, Neil F (May 11, 1931)

Chicago, Illinois

Mead, Margaret

Morin,Jean-Baptiste(Feb. 23, 1583)

Villefranche, France

?Nelson, John (1903)

?Newton, SirIsaac(Jan. 5, 1642)


Nostradamus (Dec.14)

Noon, St. Remy, France

Rodden,Lois Mae (May 22, 1928)

Land, Saskatchewan, Canada

Rudhyar, Dane (Mar. 23, 1895)

12:42AM, Paris, France

Tyl, Noel (Dec. 31, 1936)

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Volguine, Alexandre (Mar. 3, 1903)

5:45AM?, Novaya-Praha, Russia

Zain, C.C. (Dec. 12, 1882)

Iowa, USA

All true Astrologers should be willing to show their Birth Data....(my opinion).

For those who don't Know...... I write out the Birth month because in some countries they read the day 1st and not the month 1st...... 5/4/1999 could be read as May 4, 1999 or as April 5, 1999..... be aware of this.

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Gratefully...ELIZA (Maddocks) Talas...(10/30/51)