BASIC Terminology

The SUN is WHO you are (essence).

The MOON is HOW you FEEL (unconscious).

Your ASCENDANT is WHAT (sign) others see you as (first impressions).

Your MIDHEAVEN is the WAY you express yourself (to the public).

Your IC is WHAT you NEED (for security).

Your DESCENDANT is WHO and HOW you relate (to others).

The PATTERN made by the planetary concentration or dispersement

determines how future Transits (energy/triggers) will effect you.

HEMISPHERE placement determines inner/outer, me/you, early/late activity

The total of ELEMENTS determine HOW you REACT.

The total of QUALITIES (modes) determine your Spiritual ATTiTUDE.

HOUSES occupied are WHERE energies (planets) WORK (issues involved).

SIGNS are HOW the energy (planet) deals with the issue (subject).

PLANET involved is WHAT kind of energy (noun/subject) we're discussing.

ASPECTS are the WAY the Planets interact.

TRANSITS are present Planets TRIGGERING aspects.

SAMPLE...The Conscious self assertively seeks reflection.

The (SUN's)conscious self WHAT

assertively(ARIES) HOW

seeks reflection(12th house) WHERE


Gratefully...ELIZA (Maddocks) Talas...(10/30/51)