Advanced Astrology Topics

Energy Progressions
Gravity Solar Returns
Magnetars Lunar Returns
Radio signals Transits
Color Patterns
Sabian Symbols Retrograde
Cycles (by age) Intercepted
Waxing Mutual Reception
Waning Stelliums
Aspects Significator
Approaching Scout planet
Separating Oriental
Configurations Besieged
Elongation Cazimi
Superior Conj. Dispositor
Inferior Conj. Final Dispositor
Parallels Hemispheres
North Node Angles
Part of fortune Quadrants
Rectification Decanantes
Fixed Stars Midpoints
Galactic Center Harmonics
Galaxies Apogee/Perigee
Milky Way Asteroids
Constellations Minor Planets
Chiron Ice Planets

Specializing in (Spiritual) Astrology is called Esoteric

When investigating a chart, one should be aware of all the above factors. I'm not always conscious of them but I'm working on noticing the above factors, involved in layers of charts. Awareness is a Beginning.

Some Internet Astrology Glossaries


Gratefully...ELIZA (Maddocks) Talas...(10/30/51)